►Four 1st Base Aisle Seats - 2015 Phils Sunday Plan!

Awesome Weekend Seats!

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2015 Sunday season ticket family or group package for sale!

This includes four (-4-) first base mezzanine aisle seats near first base (section 313) plus parking pass for each game!
May also select one or more single Sunday games (at regular Phillies prices per below)!
Will not be undersold! Will beat or match similar Sunday four aisle seats (sections 312-329 only) deal with parking!
GREAT PRICE of just $168* per game (including quick delivery)!
"Hard tickets in hand" and will be shipped within 24-48 hours of sale; must pay in full (credit card or PayPal only) to order.
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Single Sunday games still available; make your own package! E-mail me to order now!
Date (2015)     Opponent      Time
Sat., 4/4	Pirates       1:05p [$20/$ 96] (exhibition)
Sun., 4/12	Nationals     1:35p [$38/$168]
Sun., 4/26	Braves        1:35p [$38/$168]
Sun., 5/10	Mets          1:35p [$43/$188]
Sun., 5/17	D-backs       1:35p [$38/$168]
Sun., 5/31	Rockies       1:35p [$38/$168]
Sun., 6/7	Giants        1:35p [$38/$168]
Sun., 6/21	Cardinals     1:35p [$43/$188]
Sun., 6/28	Nationals     1:35p [$38/$168]
Sun., 7/19	Marlins       1:35p [$38/$168]
Sun., 8/2	Braves        1:35p [$38/$168]
Sun., 8/30	Padres        1:35p [$33/$148]
Sun., 9/13	Cubs          1:35p [$33/$148]
Sun., 10/4	Marlins       1:35p [$38/$168]

►*Total of per game price(s) per above (4 times ticket price + $16 parking).
►For example, buy set of 5 games for $840 (before any discounts).
►*Based on published 2015 Phillies ticket prices.


2015 Philadelphia Phillies Sunday Tickets
(Four Aisle Seats)

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